Why So Much Gold?

I found something exciting – at least to my weird self! I’ve been re-reading Perelandra, and I keep getting interrupted (thanks to everybody being home all the time) and re-reading the same section over and over. Granted, it’s slightly irritating, but it has brought into focus something I’ve been puzzling about for some time but […]

April Update

This year is certainly turning into a season of unexpected interruptions!  I had planned to take the month of March to do a great purge in my house, trying to make everything go a bit more smoothly with less stuff for my kids to leave lying around – or for me to have to dig […]

Symbolism and Allegory

I’ve been working through Lewis’s letters for a loooong time, with many side forays into books I discovered about Lewis, or that influenced him, and catching up on his essays in order up to the time period I’m reading about in the letters. I’m currently in August, 1940 – after Out of the Silent Planet […]

Lewis vs. Milton: Rule and Subjection Before the Fall

As I’m reading Paradise Lost and thinking about its relation to the Ransom Trilogy, one thing I’ve been struck by is that Milton puts Eve clearly in submission to Adam from the beginning, before the fall. Here’s part of the initial introduction to the pair.                                            Though both Not equal, as their sex not equal seem’d; […]

Femininity + Masculinity = Fertility

Hang on to your hats for this one, folks!  It’s a bit of a wild ride. And, please, if you’re not already familiar with my ideas, please read something else first! Good places to start would be With Hands Open, Something Like a Spear and Hands Open, or Musings on the Trilogy Theme. Maybe even […]